Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The 'moloh Young Dressage Horse of the Future' - Badminton Dressage Championships

moloh have had a beautiful patchwork rug made for the winner of the ‘moloh Young Dressage Horse of the Future’ 2011.

Modelling the rug is moloh’s very own Carlos the horse

The final, comprising of a Free Style test followed by a final judging session for the top 5 ridden horses will be held on the 19th July at the Badminton Dressage Championships.
The winner will also be presented with a unique moloh rosette made from black watch tartan and navy ribbons, with a hand- embroidered crest specially designed for the occasion.
The event will be signposted from the A46 and Badminton Village, SatNav postcode - GL9 1DJ.

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